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Using GSA SER for Opening Mass Accounts

Is it possible to use GSA SER for opening Mass Accounts? Let's say : I want 500 accounts from I know that GSA SER can open accounts on that site. I have enough proxies and enough email addresses. Is it possible to open 500 accounts and save username/passwords/blogurls to a file?


  • SvenSven
    yes thats possible.
  • okay. I'll work on it.
    Currently i have opened 300+ accounts on
    GSA SER gives me list of them in sitelist. Is there a way to find their username&passwords?
    Where does the GSA SER database located?
  • I am interested in similar question...but i do not understand ..what mean to OPEN accounts?
    To login and to post on 300 wp accounts?
    Thank you
  • i am talking about the accounts which are opened by SER. i can check if they are currently working or not.
    first i need to reach their username&passwords
  • SvenSven
    you can export accounts when editing a project->tools->export->accounts
  • Sven i know that but there are hundreds of projects at my SER. There should be a way to extract all at once.
    Where does the DB of SER located?
  • SvenSven

    select all project->show urls->verified urls->export

    You have the export file wth login details in it...just edit it a bit and make it a correct format.

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