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Import Target URLs -> From Site Lists -> Randomize List

Import Target URLs -> From Site Lists -> Randomize List
This suggestion is in my mind for weeks now. If I will import target URLs from a file, we can make it randomly. But if I will be importing from my verified list, almost all the engines that starts with the letter "A" comes in first.
@Sven, could you please implement this one? Thanks in advance!


  • edited April 2014
    I second ohohRaii's suggestion. But I suggest go a little further ang just Modify Project --> Randomize Target list. This way previously added links could also be randomized. 
    Yes I know that they can be randomized on import, and still, for example if there are thousands of blogspots remaining and I throw in a bunch of assorted links, I would want to mix them up with these 'spots, right? If this is already the case then just please ignore my babble  :@)
  • SvenSven
    the import is randomized there by default. Else you would see submissions from one engine till its done and the next one will come in...that would be a bit unnatural.
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