Import Proxies from text file every x minutes

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I run an external proxy finder and tester - mainly for finding socks or level1 proxies. And me still green using GSA SER - have been using NoHandsSEO - and there I can tell NHSeo to grab my proxies from a text file every x minutes. (15 minutes for example)

I can not see how to set it this way in GSA SER

Thank you


  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer

    Thats also possible with our program.

    1. go to proxy options->Add/Edit ProxySites->Add a new one with the option to not download things but take them from a file.

    2. Uncheck every other ProxySite.

    3. In proxy options you set it to get new proxies every 15 minutes.


  • Thank you - perfect.
  • I was hoping to access the actual file that GSA uses to store all proxies - that way I can just add proxies whenever I want and hopefully GSA would automatically refer to that file without my having to do anything. I guess that isn't an option?

    With this option when you " Uncheck every other ProxySite" does that mean that GSA stops getting public proxies??

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