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URL variations & root/main URL

Suppose the URL field contains a list of subpages (no root URL in there) and I have "Use URL variations" at 15%.

However, I want 80% of *all* backlinks to point to the root/main URL. So I set that option to 80%:

1. The "test" button seems to show more "URL variations" than 15% -- without ever showing a root/main URL. 
a) Why am I seeing more than 15%? At 0%, I see no uppercase/www varations. At 1%, the majority of them are uppercased/www'd. Is this just me?
b) Does the test show some variations (e.g. uppercase and www) but not others (e.g. root urls)?

2. In the image above you can see that option is indented as to appear a sub-option for "use URL variations". Does this mean, when you set both options to 50%, that only 25% of all backlinks point to root? Or are the options independent, with half of all backlinks pointing to root?


  • SvenSven

    1a its random and should be more accurate the more tests you do.

    1b yes not everything is covered in a test

    2. takes 15% of the links with variations and makes 80% of those a root one.

  • Thanks. So the rooted ones don't show in tests + they're a sub-option of "URL variations". I personally think the latter is kinda odd: what if I don't want to overdo the variations but I do want a lot of URLs "rooted"? If you could "decouple" both options (so case-/www-variations are applied after rooting), that'd be great. And hey, if not, I'll make it work too.

    Just to double-check one thing though: no matter how many tests I do, when I set URL variations at 1% I still see way too many URLs being uppercased/www'd.

    Could someone quickly set variations at 1% and press the "test" button a bunch of times?

    Perhaps the test always does a 50/50 randomization and the percentages we fill out are only used in the actual output?

  • SvenSven
    made some changes no and next version will allow you to use the root url variation even though no other variation is checked. Also the test will give proper results.
  • JabJab
    edited April 2014

  • Sorry to bother you once more Sven, but this seems related:

    When the URL field contains a bunch of subpageURL#anchortext lines, and the URL (correctly) gets truncated to root, the Anchor_Text (as shown in "test") still remains the one specified in the original #anchortext.

    Shouldn't the Anchor_Text in this case be taken from the GUI's "anchor text" field (with regular partial/LSI/etc odds applied)?

  • SvenSven
    hmm no, thats not how it's going to will always use the url related anchor text.
  • JabJab
    edited April 2014
    Am I alone in thinking that is kind of strange? 

    Don't hate me for asking, but any chance to let truncated (rooted) anchors take their anchor_text from the GUI instead of the original (non-truncated) url related #anchor_text? Maybe make it optional if need be?

    As it stands now, I have to choose between "root anchors with subpage anchortexts" or "all anchors with GUI-only anchortexts", neither of which is desirable. I could also just have separate projects for the root url and all subpage urls -- but in that case I needn't have bothered you with this thread at all :(
  • SvenSven
    Or you add the root url itself to the project and add anchor texts there with it. To meet the desired % you could add the same URL more than once.
  • I considered that, but I work with macro's for the root URL's anchor_texts (partial & LSI spin files)...

    Thanks for following up, though -- appreciated!

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