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How to modify scheduler

edited April 2014 in Feature Requests
It would be great if the post scheduler could be simplified. The idea goes like this:

every project has 3 states - Active, Inactive and Scheduled.

The active and scheduled would have the same letter addons, so e.g. highlighted Active (P) and/or highlighted Scheduled (P) both would mean the project is paused. When a schedulad project is not running it would still have the Scheduled (P) status, but would not be highlighted.

You could change the status of the project as now by clicking on it, or by using the rightclick menu.

The start button in SER would lose all options and just work as start/stop button. The settings for the scheduler would go into the general options as separate tab. When the start button is clicked SER would launch all active projects and rotated scheduled projects based on the setup in the options panel.

The reason for the proposed change is to simplify the options available in SER and also to make running permanent and scheduled projects together a lot easier. Also moving the scheduled options to the option tab would allow for extended schedule options in the future (should there ever be a need for them).

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