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Edit multiple project options

Would it be possible to combine editing multiple project options (edit single options/edit only engines options) into one dialog?

The idea would basically be to select several projects and click edit:

Then the normal project window pops up and based on the state of the options in the selected projects it would have 3 states for checkboxes:
1- gray (means different projects have different settings i.e. do not change that setting)
2- checked (means all projects have this options checked)
3- unchecked (means all projects have this option unchecked)

Clicking a checkbox would cycle through the states i.e. if the current state is 1 a click would make the state 2, if the current state is 2 it would make it 3, and if it is 3 the state would revert to 1.

After pressing the save button all selected projects would get modified with the changes that were done, while the other options would remain unchanged.

Textboxes could also work the same way, just with a text displayed on a white background if all are equal or the field grayed out with a "various" text inside if there are many different contents.

It wouldn't strain resources too much as in the ideal, situation SER would only have to check if the settings of the first two projects are identical, and if they aren't it could gray out the fields that are different and for the next projects in the group only check those that were identical in the first two projects. So basically the amount of things to compare would get smaller and smaller the more projects you have selected. 

The aim of this feature would be to make the modification of projects so much easier and remove clutter from the rightclick menu both of which would positively impact the workflow with SER.


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