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What indexing service should I use?

I notice that my backlinks are not getting indexed so I decided to use a indexing service.
What do you guys recomend using?


  • My opinion:

    Decent budget - go for Instantlinkindexer.
    Low budget - go for Link Processor.
  • @gopo2k : any update ?? which is your recommended ?? i also looking for good indexing service.
  • I'm using indexification. Not bad, maybe not so good... any review for this service?
  • aquaticmineralsaquaticminerals Planet of the Apes
    edited May 2014
    I have been using express indexer for the last 6 months, no complaints and I've done a comparison between all of the major indexing services on this forum, pretty quick customer service too.

    Not sure why people recommend link processor, that service is absolutely terrible and from what I know, only pings your links.

    I'd say;

    express indexer
    instant link indexer

  • instant link indexer is good. go to bhw and get a discount.
  • +1 for InstantLinkIndexer, just checked my links submitted 9 days ago, and most are already indexed by google.
  • I chosed incredibleindexer after recomandations from @ron and others here. But they were having a lot of problems in the past weeks and I decided to go with instantlinkindexer. Very happy so far
  • Seems like a lot of the good ones ehave started performing poor lately. I'm looking for a new... Was using the "incredibly" indexer
  • peterperseo ive been splittesting all many different ones the last few weeks and indexification sucks. it only pings links from what im told. does absolutely nothing to index links from checking my tests.

    EI, onehourindexing, etc do work they all use the same method i think so its only a matter of cheapest price for most links, incredible indexer seems to be ebst price form my cursory look.
  • I haven't had any experience with indexing services, however you can check MatthewWoodwards case study on them:
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