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MUST Have or 'just' recommended?

Hi guys,
I just bought SER + Indexer and now I'm considering getting the Captcha Breaker, too. As of right now I've got a cracked version of Captcha Sniper at hand, but firstly I don't like working with cracked software and secondly I don't know about the quality.

My current projects are rather small and therefore I'd like to know if CB is an absolute must have in my situation, or if I don't need it right away. I can afford it right now, but it'd max out my budget.

Thanks in advance.


  • SvenSven
    well I don't care if you buy CS or CB but get rid of cracks...
  • Easier said than done..
    Trust me, I hate the fact that I have to use it (right now). And this will be the first thing I'll do, once I've got the money - buy the real deal.

    Let me rephrase my question to make it more 'ethical'
    Is GSA CB so much stronger that CS will eventually turn out being the bottle neck in my otherwise well performing setup that is GSA SER?
  • Come on... CB is only like $120 and the cracked CS you are using sucks donkey balls. I have heard that the updated release of CS slows you down if you are doing a lot of volume, but I doubt you will have this issue.
  • CB a must = yes.
  • I appreciate your help. I'll go for CB, too then.

    One additional question though, someone offered me to sell his SER + Indexer + CB to me, since he won't be using it anymore.
    Now I don't know how GSA is handling their licences. Is that something I can do or is there a risk? I'd rather buy it officially, but he offered me a great deal.

    P.S. Just a side note "Come on... CB is only like $120" maybe some of you don't remember the days before IM, or never even had any money problems. But there's people out there (like me) who have to think more than twice about spending money like this.
  • Honestly, I started off almost like you with a tight budget. However, what I did was I bought SER first and spent a few more dollars on deathbycaptcha credits instead of paying a then hefty $120 on CB. I also used a subscription based indexing service and paid a few dollars more for it.

    Then after a while my site started to rank and traffic increased, I started to make some money and eventually I earned enough to be able to buy CB.

    Now I'm fairly settled and can easily afford VPS, Eve Recaptcha solver to be used alongside CB , private proxies and even verified lists from the team.

    So yes, I've been in your position before and managed to turn things around a bit by rearranging my priorities and I hope you can pull it off too.

    Good luck mate!
  • Thanks for the input. This is pretty much how I'm going to approach this.
    Only problem I see here is DeathByCaptcha. Don't you have to pay 1.39$/100 captchas? That's definitely not that much, but if you're using spammy Tier2/Tier3 techniques that'll screw you over pretty fast and will eventually turn out much more expensive than CB.
    But I'll find a way.

    Appreciate your words. It's posts like these that keep me motivated.
  • I think its $1.39 per 1,000 captchas but not 100% sure cos I no longer use the service.

    The thing is I ranked my site for some very local keywords with low competition and it only took me a few weeks to do so. And I was lucky because of the low competition I didn't even have to use tiers at all so in the end I don't think I spent that much on DBC credits before I made enough money and could then afford CB but I understand your circumstances might be different so you might want to make different adjustments here and there.
  • dbc is pretty expensive used that way. I think you'd be better off signing up for a low-end OCR plan instead. Reverse OCR for example says they solve all sorts of captchas and I think their lowest plan is pretty cheap. But still CB is going to be an investment that pays off if you really use it rather than these services which will be an ongoing drain. imho if there is anyway to swing it go for cb. When buying, recurring is usually bad. When earning recurring is usually good :)
  • If you start off with a tight budget, choosing a right captcha-solving service can save you some money. If possible, you can give HiCAPCHA a try. As they are newly opened, their decoding service is totally free, and they will offer you technical support as well. 

    Hope that can help you.

    Good Luck.
  • @xiaohuainiuer Thanks for the input, but I've already bought GSA CB. It's been a good decision and I don't have any regrets, since it's worth every single penny.
  • @xiaohuainiuer, are you promoting your service here?
  • @Tixxpff  I am glad you find the right service for yourself. Wish you have a good luck !

    Thanks and best regards. 
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