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Verified List Cleaning

Dear Sven:

Could you please consider the idea of creating one more folder and add it to the 4 we have now? I mean: Identified + Submitted + Verified + Failed + MyFolder (for example). Simply as an empty folder, for our private use. The software will not add anything here. It will be using it as a source only. Like this option "Import and identify platforms" in advanced tools.

I will explaing what my idea is:

There are some methods to get ride of verified dead links which are decreasing our LPM incredibly. You have to create an additional folder, you have to redirect any of the 4 folders pointing to the new folder, uncheck the others, bla,bla. I did it, I made a mistake, I had troubles.

Imagine now that I have one additional folder, empty one. I put my brand new scraped list inside. I run a brand new project. I uncheck all the engines, I check MyFolder only as a source. I run my project, it is working as usual sending submitted to submitted folder and verified to the verified one, as it is doing now. But there is no need to be redirecting temporarily any of the existing folders and pay innecessary attention to the overall submitting process.

Another useful feature I can see here: I have ran a lot of projects (with excellents results, thank you for this tool, Sven). My LPM was about 100 at the beginning, now it is about 10. So I would like to take all the links from my verified folder. With Scrapebox I can clean them: I can trim it to the last folder, dupe remove. Now I can put the clean list in MyFolder. I can empty Verified folder or I leave it as it is now.

When I run my next project, as a source I will point to MyFolder only. It contains all my verified links but clean and dupe checked.

It should run now with LPM 100, as at the beginning. I do not worry about submitted and verified folders at all as I can clean its content with Scrapebox at any time.

Dou you get the idea? What is your opinion?

In my opinion it woul be the easiest option to use always a clean verified list with ease.


  • SvenSven
    Why not simply add the URLs directly to the project?
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    You mean Import Target List from file option? Hmmm... When I cleaned my verified list last time there was an enormous amount of links. I am afraid that if I restart my computer probably the "Import List" funtion will not longer keep the list in the software memory.

    But if I have my own folder I can point every new project to this folder (at list lower tiers - I use up to 10 tiers pyramids) and I will be sure they will take the links from there. I will have it complete and clean at any time.  It think it can be a very useful option.
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    By the way: what do you recommend? It is better to trim all the links to the last folder or to the root? I use to trim every link to the last folder.
  • ronron
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    @nefretete - You shouldn't be using the Identified, Submitted, and Failed ports for anything. If you had those checked you are wasting SER resources - complete waste of time. We use those three ports to read verified lists and target URLs all the time - that's the only thing we use them for.
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    Thank you. I did not know that. Until now I am targetting urls going to Edit->Options->Checking about 20-30 SES of my choice and checking on all the 4 checkboxes from the global site lists. Do you mean that I have to check "Verified" only and uncheck all the others?

    I am asking Sven to add another custom folder in order to use it for thie procedure described in this topic:

    I wonder if we can still have a "Verified" folder for SER purposes, and another custom folder for targetting sites, let's say "MyFolder" where I can have always clean root/last folder trimmed, dupe checked, hand made list based on the "Verified" folder (or harvested lists if I want, or just simply empty, awaiting my action).
    Just another, handy and useful folder done more for me than for SER purposes. One for SER, another one for me :).

  • ronron
    edited April 2014
    @nefretete - Yes. Those ports are where SER *writes* to a file - if it is checked. Since you only want to write to Verified, the other ports are always free. However, those 3 ports (Identified, Submitted, Failed) should *always be unchecked*.

    Now, you can use those three ports to hold sitelists. Simply create an empty folder, copy and paste your sitelist in that folder, and then map the location of one of those unused ports to the folder's location. For the sake of argument, say you do this in *Identified*.

    This is now eligible to be a *Read* folder for your projects. In any project you wish, turn on the Global sitelist (check it) and then check the *Identified* folder. SER will now read that folder to acquire and process targets.

    You can use all 3 unused ports if you wish for 3 different sitelists, and have all sorts of combinations going for different projects.

    Good Luck! :)

  • Thank you very much  ron ! I did not know that.

    Even more: It does not make any sense to ask Sven for additional folder if I have 3 empty folders at my entire disposal...

    This software is a real masterpiece. I was trying everything in SEO for 8 years. GSA SER is not better than any other software. There is no comparison to anything so far...

    Thank you very much! :)
  • ronron
    No problem :)
  • Ron/Sven, wouldn't it still be good to have the option to be able to tell certain projects to output their verified links in another folder besides "verified"?

    Say you're testing different lists. And so you have various projects and input site lists into different projects. And you don't want them all to be lumped into one verified folder but be separated.

    What do you thinK? Cheers!
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