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How do I know which engines work the best?

So, when I read through the LpM thread, many people were saying they recommend only using just a couple of search engines.

I just got curious if there's a way to know what search engines yield the best amount of targets to post to? Where and how could I get a hold of information like this?

Like for example, if google canada is not giving as many targets as, say,, then naturally the Canada one should not be used, right?

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  • mtsmts United Kingdom
    Accepted Answer

    If you do not care- I mean you need only links from all over the world- keep all search engines on

    to increase LpM make your own link list

  • Accepted Answer
    @mts So do you mean Click all of the Countries from all over the world, even if the website/video you're ranking for is English?

    Is that a good idea? One of the tuts I've learned that, if it's English, then its English
  • Accepted Answer
    selecting only a few engines will burn your proxies faster - the recommended setting for searching then would be about 40% of the proxies you have (so if you have 50 proxies you would run 20 threads). Get as many as possible, e.g. all english language engines, it will help to keep your proxies from getting banned that much.
  • mtsmts United Kingdom
    Accepted Answer
    @MoRTiZz3 No mate, I mean: there are more than one country which speaks in english language
  • ronron
    edited May 2014 Accepted Answer

    I've never been a fan of the 4-5 search engine deal. I always used all the English speaking ones, which is around 150. I would get rid of duplicates like either Bing or Yahoo, and no need for Startpage as that just scrapes Google. That will do you just fine.

    I prefer to focus on English results as I am always ranking English sites, but I see no harm in including a few logical Euro countries to expand the reach a bit. I just don't see the point of including countries that have a completely different alphabet though.

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