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Gsa getting links from somewhere, even with target url options disabled.

Hello, i want to create a new project, which will only process the links that i will import directly on it. So i dont want to use Global lists, or anything else just my list.

I always have done the following:

Disable search engines
Disable all the other options that are on targeting url like on the screenshot.

But now for some reason, even when i disable all the options of Target url, the new projects that i am creating are getting a small amount of links from somewhere. It seems there is this 100 links that are being submitted automatically in every project, no matter what settings i turn off. It is on the screenshot Links sample, the list of this links that are being made.

How can i disable this links from appearing on all my new projects ?

Screenshot 1 target urls:

Screenshot 2 links that are appearing:


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    Some shorteners and I think Web 2 0 and some other engines are contained directly in engines. So you may create dummy project with only blog comments for example and see for yourself.
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