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all my gsa licence blocked with no reason

please help me with my gsa licence , my gsa search engine ranker and gsa seo indexer had been blocked with no reason , i have been email gsa board but no answer


  • goonergooner
    If you emailed support then you just need to wait for them to get back to you.
    Posting the same thing all over the forum isn't going to make them reply faster.
  • SvenSven

    Thats a stupid lie! I even was on there PC checking. All I found was a crack here, a loader there, a firewall block here. Of course I quit that connection and replied that his problems are his own faults.

    Im not here fixing peopls mistakes using stupid fake cracks.

  • You did good Sven! I bought your excellent software for full money. Gsa search engine ranker is the best software. I have got possibility to get crack but i want to have PC clean and with original software which getting regular updates. Only this way the software can perform good job.

    I bought also GSA captcha breaker. All your software are super!
    S.R. from Stuttgart
  • SvenSven
    thanks @haris3 though I haven't seen a working crack till now.
  • @sven u will never see a working crack cause this tool worth every single penny, so ppl prefer to support you buy buying the tool.
  • That is true.
    I am in this business since 9 years, used a lot of tools ,spend of $ on software which was crap during that period, GSA SER - is the No. 1 till now in everything I have ever tested including Xrumer, Senuke Xcr etc.

    It`s worth a lot more than Sven selling it for, so buy it, give a some respect to the man who developed this great piece of software.
  • SvenSven
    thanks :)
  • I buy my notebook at least 3 month ago with all system include, then i buy this gsa licence , if crack in there i dont mean it and i dont know it , and im so sorry teally sorry but can i used my gsa licence with my new system one?
  • If i know crack in my system i will never let sven come to my system ..... but its all my fault and sorry to every one
  • I must be reading this wrong Dude asked for support on a cracked copy ? lol wow ok

    I agree with the others 10000% ive used most of the tools out there and GSA is worth its weight in gold by far And to that point i think ill order my second copy while my brain is on it

    Keep up the good work Sven
  • There are no cracks for any of GSA's products.Its a secure system-based on Delphi? 
    Its a one timer,only a fool wouldnt buy
  • i buy that licence, no crack for gsa and i still have that licence and oerder email, i buy my pc 3 month ago , if the owner before me used it  , i dont know it , and i will order new copy of gsa with other email , thank you guys for all your attention
  • GSA is worth .. I'm also reccomend to buy the real license for gsa ser. :D
  • MorphManMorphMan British Expat lost in S.E Asia
    It's like steeling a car and taking it back because you've got a flat tire ..  :-O

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