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Perfect Timing? - Startup Support

Hi guys,
let me shortly introduce myself. I'm a silent reader for quite a while now and I've finally saved some money to buy SER and a few addons. I'm already familiar with the basic features of SER, I've watched pretty much all the tutorial videos and I've read through all the most important threads. Now before I start firing away my questions, let me tell you that I'm aware that I will learn most things simply by using the tool and testing, but I also know that there are a mistakes you don't neccessarily have to make and are easy to avoid, if you ask the right questions.
Which leads me to my actual questions.

Additional Info:
I have 2 projects prepared and waiting in line. I'll approach them as soon as I've bought SER.
KW comp: Low - Medium
Ex. Searches: ~ 1k - 9k, depending on the KW
Ranking Method: Tiered Linking (3 tiers) with manually created web2.0s buffer sites as T1

  1. How many links do I start with every day?
  2. When and how much do I step up the link building?
  3. How many web2.0s should I create for each subpage?

Further explanation: I intentionally kept the questions very simple and decided to add some more details for them right here. The problem I'm experiencing is, that I'm not sure how many links I should drop on a fresh website. I often see people use phraes like 'start slow..', 'I drop a few links in the beginning and..', 'after a while I increase it..', but seriously to this day, I have no idea how many links 'a few' is or when 'a while' has passed. I do realise that you can't tell me an exact number, but please just give a rough estimate. You know my KWs and my comp.

Same goes for the web2.0s question. 'Create a couple of web2.0s and then..'. How many are a couple? If I wanted to target a super competitive KW I'd probably create 50 web2.0s for every page of my website I'm trying to rank with a new Tier 1-3 SER project assigned to it. But I've got literally no sense for how many 2.0s are appropriate for a comp like this.

And last, but not least, sort of a bonus question, because I'm still not 100% sure about this - For every new subpage/article/.. I create on my website, targeting a new niche/KW I create a new project in SER and repeat the ranking process, right? I'm asking, because I've quite often read that people only create one project for each website and simply rank the main page and maybe sprinkle a couple of backlinks pointing to the inner pages.

I highly appreciate your help and thank you in advance.

Kind regards,



  • You're asking textbook questions but your 1, 2, 3 don't mean anything. Have more experience with G as you have more experience you become good at it. Run 20 projects, not 2 projects for your idea. Choose 5 niches not a couple of niches. There are a lot of minefields G. already designated and if you can't establish why this and that have happened quickly, you're making your SEO efforts towards wrong direction.
  • I'm having a really hard time figuring out what you're trying to say. I literally don't get it, I'm sorry.
    If I'm not completely mistaken you're telling me to just do and try stuff and learn by doing?
  • Never mind. Sorry. Trying to be helpful to your question, I think maybe 50 to each page is good for even daily if you keep other things right which are niche-dependent. But don't start too big from the first month.
  • Wow.. that is a freaking lot. See, this is where I'm confused. If I were to use tools like Ultimate Demon, I'd simply create 100-200 web2.0s with a mouse click, but creating 50 web2.0s by hand, for each and every article of my website, which is targeting ~2k-5k exact searches/month seems excessive.

    As I've already mentioned, this is where it gets me confused. I completely understand the structure of tiered link building, but the details of each tier can change the entire process.
  • Nevermind, the problem kinda resolved. Thanks for your efforts.
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