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gsa at home no vps

edited November 2012 in Need Help
I am curious about the amount of bandwidth that gsa uses.  I know that i could be comparable to scrapebox (scraping for sites).  What if I uncheck all of the search engines and just use lists to feed this monster.  Will this keep my ISP off my back.  Just curious as I know that scraping is bandwidth intensive but what about just posting. 
thanks in advance to anyone


  • Depends on # of projects, threads, etc. I'm running 20 projects at 75 threads and my bandwidth meter is saying 1MB/s. So, an investment in a VPS is much better IMO. +1 for the 24/7 running and you won't get emails from your ISP either.

    I'm with BermanHosting right now since it's working very well at reasonable cost. But you can also checkout PowerupHosting :) 

  • thought so thanks
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