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Retry failed sites with identified platform?

Hello, can you add a feature to be able to retry to submit the failed sites with identified platform?

When submitting many things can go wrong - your captcha service can go down, your proxies etc, etc.

It will be really valuable to be able to retry failed sites, because if even only one of the many variabes in the submission process improves at some point ( being captcha, proxies or even update of SER) a site can easily become a successful submission from a failed one.

Thank you for your time.


  • SvenSven
    feel free to enable failed site lists and import them.
  • yes,  but if I import them once again it would say that they have been already
  • Then go to "Modify project" clear target url history and let it rip
  • Great! Thanks :)
  • edited April 2014
    @mercuryyy However, wouldn't that mean tha you will post again in the successful ones too?
  • Copy list to clickboard go to gscraper or scrapbox, filter out all urls that finds your link in them and then submit the list
  • Well.. I guessed that there was some kind of way to make the program do what I want.

    However, in competitor's software, Licorne AO for example, there is a much more elegant and efficient way to do this. There is a button which says "Retry failed submissions"

    This will be a great addition to GSA SER. When I do this in other software my success rate manages to rise by much. Imagine what the success rates of GSA SER will look like if we can easily retry the failed submissions of our
  • Any thoughts on my feature request? :)
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