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blogspot automaticly deletes comments. [Google is tracking you]

Im sure you guys notices links getting verified from blogspot then you go check them out and there not there.

few things i'd like to point out, 

we all know that blogspot is google, so think about it, a team of 1000's of smart people is trying to find out if you are violating there rules,

so if i were them i would say.

"ok if my system at blogspot keeps deleting comments lets take a look at those comments, ummm i see a url here?

so this url must be doing bad SEO"

-------------- simply put ----------------

my tests tells me that commenting to blogspot will get you a penitently so quickly you wont be able to say goog...

honestly i would remove blogspot completely from GSA but thats up to the developers, always think guys that google has 100's people just like you thinking what you are going to do so it only makes sense blogspot is tracking blog comments and if you notice they are deleting your comments it means they know what your doing.


  • So you're saying I'll be able to burn all websites on my path to the ground by making some blogspot comments to them?

    It does not really seem realistic to me and rather I believe that you're just getting all your comments by the same IP deleted after a certain amount has been posted.
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    my friend im using 500 dedicated proxies, i have 3 servers in my own home and 3 100m lines

    im not saying its set in stone, but yeah give me your url and i'll show you with a blast how your ranks will randomly change for a few days, and depending on how old and established your site is it will either go back to normal after x days or so or it will start jumping.

    think about it, if you are google, and control blogspot.

    you have a sudden spike in commenting containing a serten url, you write an algorithm that will see, even if a site is huge and gets naturally 50 comments a week on blogspot across all blogs. 
    Then you get few constant days with 150 submissions a day something is off.

    i do actually post to blogspot, but i limit the posts i make 1 project just for blogspot, for new site, set 0-2 posts in 3 days, then slowly increase it to look natural.

    and google wont care if your competitor is doing it they will still put that hold on your ranking, all depending on how established and ranked your site is. like i said give me your url and i'll show you
  • I certainly get your point, but are you sure that such a behaviour is exclusive to blogspot comments? It also seems very unnatural to get 50 links a week by any other blog commenting engine and then suddenly 150 a day. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to say you're wrong, but would you have any data to suggest your claims to be true and exclusive to blogspot or are you sharing your thoughts on this matter?

    I do agree that it's very likely that blogspot is connecting comments not only by IP, but also by urls. My initial point was merely that negative seo would be very easy if only it took a good amount of blogspot comments.

    It's a very generous offer to blast a money site, and I would love to take you up on it, if I didn't have to reveal my niches. I'm blasting all my sites myself as much as possible so another boost would definitely be appreciated.
  • those number figures where just an example point of which from 50 a week they see 150 a day
    it might as well be 5 a month and then suddenly 10 a day to raise the first flag, and then they probably check dozen of other facts from other blogs extra extra ... but if i was google, to save on resources and to code a better algorithm one of my bigger flags would start from blogspot because i control the data, from seeing all comments posted from proxies and no ISP to the number of posted a day compared to monthly avg i would put that site in higher priority to check for unarural links.

    im not saying blogspot is exclusive and would result in a penalty, Im pointing out that from a algorithm prospective a good place to start would be blogspot, so if they detect something on blogspot for a url it will raise a flag and that domain would be looked into much more closely from that point of detection

  • Agree with this. At first i thought its a bug in verification but it seems to be happening with most of the blogspot ones
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