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Platform market place share between users within the software

basically the program with the most sites to post on will win users view right?

i was reading here somewhere that your working on a platform to easily add new sites for users, like in magic submitter and senuke, but i will add another feature to it, im sure those Indians will love this. let users post for sale new platforms they created in a market place that will automatically take paypal payments and add the platform to GSA, you guys take 10-20% from each sale and give the rest to the developer, if its coded simply and efficiently were users simply go in GSA and see, ok this user sells 50 new platforms for 100$ has 250 good reviews, being able to read those verified reviews so we can see the developer is legit, then its a home run.

add to that people selling lists in the market place, with reviews and you guys take 10-20% rest for the developer this would give this great software a huge leap, i would actually bump the price to 499$ after implementing serten changes, all the current users will start using the marketplace will probably overlaps that price difference idk not getting into your numbers :) but in that way it will be the old NEW better xrumer 
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