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Auto Match big Link/#keyword lists to Posted Page Content [URL,H1,TITLE,FIRST PARAGRAPH]

For example, i have 2000 inner links in my url list, each with its own keyword all for 1 domain.{watch|watch now|watch online} the avengers{watch|watch now|watch online} batman-returns

lets say i have 1000's of those, and i want to start blasting, fine i can put to match, movies anywhere on the page, but for huge blasts its very likely that in blog and image comments if i have 1000's of urls the [URL,H1,TITLE,FIRST PARAGRAPH] will match my keyword

so basically tell your amazing software if checked, to post the most retentive link on the page.


  • SvenSven
    sorry I didn't understand this.
  • Project url list has 1000+ urls all from same domain each with its own keyword{watch|watch now|watch online} the avengers{watch|watch now|watch online} batman-returns

    Program starts running ... finds blogs to post or w/e, out of the 1000's urls i have listed it will put the most relevant to the page it is about to post to, buy trying to best match the [URL,H1,TITLE,FIRST PARAGRAPH] and other keywords on the page to one of my 1000 urls

    so for example 

    page title is

    the software will give priotiy to the{watch|watch now|watch online} the avengers

    in the url list and so on with [H1,KEYWORDS EXTRA..]
  • SvenSven
    sorry this is not the way SER works or will work. Different niches should always have different projects.
  • edited April 2014
    that is not correct sven, because for example a tv show website with 1000's of shows it one niche, but i noticed when blog commenting in huge lists a lot of the times a lot of pages have relevant keywords to specific shows, i have 10,000 shows and auto generated a url list with relevant keyword to each url of 10000 inner urls

    so this would be very effective  for many people even for a small niche if you have 100 different urls if GSA will match the best url/#keyword to the page it will post a comment to it would be much more powerful
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