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How to optimize the SER memory usage

Hello everyone!

So, I just made a fresh install of SER in another VPS I got myself.

I just got thinking, that if I were able to bring the memory usage down a little bit, I might switch
to a bit smaller VPS.

Right now I'm running GSA as such:
- 11 projects
- Google and Yahoo search engines chosen
- I've imported some small lists from Gscraper, and from global site lists
- 300 threads
- html timeout 130
- 30 semi-dedicated proxies
- Indexification in use
- I have my keywords on couple of text files on a folder called GSA, and I have this on keyword field: %spinfile-C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\GSA\%
(I wonder if this is correct piece of code right there)

With all of these, my memory usage is hovering around 1G, take or leave 200M.

I don't know if it's "normal" (if such thing even exists), but 1G sounds a bit high.

So, I was curious if there's something else I should look into?


  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    As long as it's not erroring, it doesn't matter how much it uses. Keep pushing SER until it errors, then back off a little.
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