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A new Captcha option?

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I just joined the forum. I will be buying GSA and Captcha Sniper - and saw on another post some issues with Captcha.  Is it possible to add a new option - where people like me who will not just put this into 100% automatic - -  that if a Catpcha fails -  one of the new options is to que that entry for manual processing.  I know starting out i can not afford the alternate solving services other than having CS - this would be a way to not loose the potential posting.

I am amazed at all the updates that I have watched go by since reading many forum posts here.  Very impressive.


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    Welcome to the forum @Rich2012 This is a great place to find some great information about a great piece of software.

    you can try this:

    project -> edit - > options ->


    Click that till you get the option you want.


  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    But then you have to wait at your PC while the popups come. What would be neat, is to save these URLs to a file, where you can then later redo them all in one go. 

    I've been proposing a failed site list per project for a while (I think it's on Sven's to do), and this would solve this nicely too!
  • I understand that @globalgoogler but I thought that was what the OP wanted, to wait for the popups and manually enter them.

    Its not what I would do, but...
  • Thank you @theorbital for your greeting :)   And the visual posts - wonderfully helpful for me and the next person.

    Oh yes, @GlobalGoogler - thats it.  A list of 'to-do's' when I log back into the VPS - I could then run the list and manually put in the captacha values.

    Thank you both for the great comments!

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