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I don't see my site on the results

Hi guys, I've been running my GSA SER for almost 2weeks right now, my keyword is "Most Effective Way to Lose Weight" and it has a low competition based on Google Keyword Planner, I followed this settings.

Till now I can't see my site on the results of this keyword.
(it's only a test site, so it's okay for me if I will share it)

I don't know what's wrong, if my on page seo or my gsa settings.
Can someone help me? thanks!


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    Only 7 links showing in ahrefs
  • @gez40 so what am I supposed to do?
  • Difficult to say without knowing what your plan is now, something isn't right though. Also, 2 weeks is no where near enough time.

    How many keywords are you going for?
  • Something else to consider, your links are only showing to your site without the WWW, if you search for site with the WWW it is not even indexed, 

    Showing as not indexed-

    Probably doesn't help.

  • First off you should probably go for higher quality links. In ahrefs I'm only seeing profile backlinks from those still alive. I do realize you've built more links than these and more links has been indexed than those showing in ahrefs, but I think it says a lot about your link quality when you've only got profile links picked up by ahrefs.

    Secondly, you shouldn't expect results after 2 weeks already. I never have at least except when I'm churning and burning.

    And at last, don't judge the serp competition by the competition in the adwords keyword planner. The competition found within the keyword planner is to give you an idea of how many advertisers are targeting this keyword on adwords. Instead you should look at the top 10 results to get an idea of your competition. The reason why only the top 10 is relevant is because you'll get no traffic on page 2, so these 10 are those you are going to compete with. You can manually go through their link profiles along with other ranking factors to determine how and why they are ranking. For backlinks you should use a 3rd party link crawler such as moz, majesticseo or ahrefs.

    I've taken the liberty of pulling some stats about your top 10 competition with Longtailpro. This is just to give you a rough estimate of the competition. And judging by this, it's a too ambitious keyword to start out with for you. I'd recommend finding something much easier to get started on.
  • fakenickahl How long is usually necessary for optimal results in a medium-low competition? Thanks!
  • @gez40 and @fakenickahl guys thank you for answering, so what do you think is the best thing to do right now?

    Should I choose different keyword with low competition to test again? And what other things I must do to make it rank within a week or 2 weeks?

    Can you help me guys? At least give me an idea, coz I'm willing to learn a lot about the magic behind GSA and SEO
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