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Any tutorial on how to build a AA list for GSA?

Been looking around only 1 I saw was a year old tutorial which idk if its still working.


  • It really is simple man.. You just scrape, run the results of your scrape through one or more project(s) in SER, and you'll have your AA list in your verified folder seperated into engines.
  • the thing is which footprints to use and such
  • I started out scraping with all footprints at first and then I narrowed down which engines performed best by comparing the global submission vs verified lists. I then removed all the engines that performed poorly from all my projects. I also the extracted the footprints of these poorly performing engines and removed them from my list of footprints that I use for gscraper.
  • and from your experience which engines perform best? Blog comments only?
  • Blog comments is a platform and for example KeywordLuv and JComments are engines. You need to dig deeper than platforms and figure out which engines performs best as there will be great performing engines within every platform.

    I will not nor can I tell you which engines to pick. It takes a couple of minutes to figure out yourself and it entirely depends on your setup which engines will be best for you.
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