Version 8.21 seems to be built only for Xpress engine

I am getting only express engine links with version 8.21. Running it since last one hour and the LPM has also dropped to 20.
Is anyone facing same issue?


  • What does your log say? 
  • @thirteen13 - the same. 99,5% - Xpress engine, 0,2% - AV script, 0,3% - others.
  • What does your log say @xxxx

    What do you normally get? 
  • @Justin, I don't see anything useful in my log.

    P.S.: URL shoteners work good as well but I separated URL shoteners in EXTRA projects only with shotener engines.
    All other work together in all projectes.
  • I need to update then, it seems that .20 wasn't submitting at all to XpressEngine
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