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Download Failed / Windows 2008 IE setting

I have a lot of "download failed" errors, I know it can be related to proxies but not in that case.
I stopped submission process and checked manually several "failed" addresses in Windows 2008 dedi web browsers and It can`t open those websites, but when I tried to open them on my windows 8 laptop I can easily do that. It seems it is a some Windows 2008/ or IE setting problem. Can anyone help me to point out which setting in Win 2008 server or IE9 is responsible for this strange behaviour ?

I have disabled antivirus, firewall, everything I could ,lowered security level on IE but nothing helps, I am loosing a lot of potential good target sites because of that cos as I see most of those "failed" are PR1+ websites, I can easily open them in my browser on laptop but can`t on Windows 2008 Server so , probably therefore GSA SER can`t do it also.


  • One more strange thing I observer, I have run a Oracle Virtualbox on this dedi, installed there Windows 7 ,GSA SER and in those environment SER can easily post to those websites (Virtualbox is installed on the same windows 2008 dedi which couldn`t open those websites) so this is must be some setting of IE or Win 2008
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