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SEO with SER and, and

OK so here is where I'm at, I have some products that are in a nice medium competition niche, I have store fronts and listings on, and a light sprinkle of eBay listings as well. At first I setup a tiered campaign in SER that would do a tier1 with 4-10 links a day, pr 3+ for a few weeks, then step it up to 50-100 on tier2, pointing to tier1 links....ext...ext...

But upon further thought I am thinking that I dont have to treat my money links as if the are new baby's. these links are on high pr sites, tons of authority, bla bla bla. but eBay? Amazon? and etsy! i should be able to blast the hell out of them and get great results, RIGHT? or am I way off here?


  • is this a taboo question?
  • The first rule of fightclub.....
    What kind of sites are the storefronts?
  • If they are optimised for whatever keyword, then go nuts on it. Same parameters as usual, safe T1s (unique content etc), then go bananas on the other tiers.
  • I only just started testing with parasite pages a few days ago, but from what I've read, you can blast them to #1 or throw a healthy amount of private blog network links at it. Getting links from other pages on your domain should also be great. I'd recommend you to make a bunch which you wouldn't mind losing and then going nuts with tests. That's at least what I'm going to do, and my money is on lots of spam. I know subdomains of high authority root domains handle spam very well.
  • With parasite pages you can go wild with link building in a way that you just can't with other pages. On the other hand usually these are not throw-away pages that can be fogotten about it something does go wrong. Today you can get away with a lot but who is to say tomorrow G wont change that?

    If these stores are important assets to you and you plan on using them for time to come I would treat them with care. Especially with regard anchor text.

    just mho.
  • Try to kill an Amazon can't be done. If it were that easy you could just go and kill your competitors' pages. Not sure on Etsy, I always thought that was a money spinner for the company and not its customers.
  • I'm not sure I'm following you on the money spinning thing.
  • I suggest using 301 redirects to undo everything , if something goes wrong . 
  • I thought Etsy was just an expensive place for traders to host their products for not a lot of visibility to actual customers. 
  • so not the
  • I have made $853.00 in the last week on etsy. If you have the right product at the right price, you can see sales of 5-10 a day on a product.

    Ok so back to the topic, Ok So take it easy in T1, but let'er rip on T2-T4.5.6.ext... So throw the kitchen sink at T2 and lower. so does this mean I can use SeNuke XCR, ZennoPoster on these links as well?
  • If you value these pages longer term then yes. Take care with T1 and if possible create links that you can control and disconnect if some future update hurts you. Get more aggressive as you get further out from your important pages.
  • How many T1 links should I have before I start hitting them with backlinks?

  • @seowizard if you are talking tiered, then you an start as soon as you have one T1.

    Forgive me for trolling, but based on your nick, are you not the "Gandalf" of SEO?
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    Apparently not with ser, lol.
  • seowizard No one can answer your question with certainty considering future G updates but for a site you'd like to go safe and easy on 10 T1s per day is probably safe and then 10 T2s per T1, 10 T3s T2 etc. As T1 grows each tier will be an order of magnitude greater (10x). Right now you can hammer parasite pages but as I said before who knows about the future. There is always some risk but the 10x approach seems safe enough. So day 1 would be 10 T1s. 10 T2s for each T1 (100). 10 T3s for each T2 (1000). Day10 100 T1s, 1000 T2, 10,000 T3. etc.
  • 10 submitted, or 10 verified?
  • Verfied but set it to like 20 submitted for a day, and see what you end up with. Setting verfied in a day doesn't always work right.
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