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Article Import Macros

I have multiple articles created with WAC that I want to import to a project in GSA but unlike KM, WAC does not have the luxury of doing multiple import. So, i want to know if there is a macros that can do the job. I believe I have seen it here but could not find it again after searching. I would appreciate if someone could provide me info on this.


  • I finally found it!
  • @Peter1, please provide this macro for me - I use WAC as well. Thanks
  • edited April 2014
    @XXXX- Here you go: Article Title: %spinfolder-c:\article_titles% Summary: %first_paragraph-article% Body:%spinfolder-C:\Article% The title macro is for those that have article title is separate folders. What i do is just generate titles from WAC and just post on the title space.
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