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Editing Project Files using Notepad++ in Realtime with Dropbox

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I haven't seen people doing this yet, if you already are then don't mind this post.

1. Download Dropbox Folder Sync.
2. Go to your Project Folder in AppData
3. Click on Sync with Dropbox
4. Done

What it does?
The program allows you to sync folders outside of the dropbox folder. The program does this by making a symbolic link (sort of like a high-powered shortcut file) from your Roaming\GSA SEARCH ENGINE RANKER\Projects into the dropbox folder. Which keeps your files synced on different computers.

Modify project files, target sites and articles faster! All you need to do when you login on your VPS is to Refresh GSA SER by right clicking the project panel and there should be an option for GSA SER there. Very useful when you either have a slow home connection like me or your VPS is always maxing out. Aside from that, you can modify GSA SER on the fly on any device which can connect to a dropbox app or the dropbox website.

The beauty with DropBox is that, it scans for the changes on the file and just adds new codes in it or deletes them. You won't have to redownload the entire target site/cache file everytime SER touches it.

P.S. Oh, do make sure that you've set the correct path to your Dropbox folder with the options of Dropbox Folder Sync.

@sven, would it be possible to make SER automatically refresh and update the project panel when a user saves a file or makes a new project file? I believe SER refreshes target sites automatically (as it gets called often) but not the project files.


  • Thanks for this. I have been doing it a stupid way, but this totally makes sense and will make my life faster. 
  • Hi,
    about the 1st step:
    1. Download Dropbox Folder Sync.
    where can I find this tool, I cannot find it also they say it is not available
  • by the way I found the solution to synchronize the project folder with some of the dropbox folders
    Junction, a Windows utility that creates a link between directories.

    1. create a folder in dropbox for example: ser_projects
    then the bath for this folder will something like: "C:\Users\Administrator\Dropbox\ser_projects"

    2. your ser projects folder should be something like: "C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\GSA Sear
    ch Engine Ranker\projects" you should Delete it (we will create it again later)

    3. copy the downloaded .exe file: junction.exe into "c:/windows"

    4. now go to CMD and type this command:
    junction "C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\GSA Search Engine Ranker\projects" "C:\Users\Administrator\Dropbox\ser_projects\o22"

    That's all
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