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Low Success Rate on These Platforms?

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I'm getting a pretty low success rate on several of the platforms, and I wanted to see if anyone else was getting similar stats.  I'm not sure if the engine files just need to be improved, if the platform isn't auto-approve, or something else.  Here's the stats from some of the platforms on my last run.


- 76 identified
- 1 submitted
- 0 verified


- 271 identified
-  169 successful
- 9 verified

Dzoic Handshakes

- 180 identified
- 79 successful
- 0 verified


- 383 identified
- 35 successful
-  7 verified


- 3099 identified
- 2117 successful
- 45 verified


- 3151 identified
- 710 successful
- 47 verified


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    It all depends on your keyword mate...

    Maybe you should relax your controls, or use scrapebox i.e: with special operators... inurl:groups "create an account" - inurl:groups "proudly powered by wordpress and buddypress" (buddypress). Make some adjustments to use ini files and use search engines that allow these commands.. "inurl"

    It's better to scrape find some urls, test to see the header response 404 or 200 and compile a list then import them. A the end of the day it doesn't matter what keywords you use to find the sites as the content you will be posting will be relevant so lax up until you find the right amount, sometimes I can get 60/90% with the right list controls and keywords. Also expand your keyword list look at your proxies and server resources, captcha software...

    Are you using public proxies??

  • These were ALL imported, as I prefer to use Hrefer for my scraping projects.  I don't think my footprints are an issue at all, because if they were bad, then I wouldn't be getting as many "identified" sites for each platform. 

    I'm using private proxies + Decaptcher.   Seems like finding sites for each platform isn't the problem.  Just an issue with successfully registering on the sites that GSA identified with one of the engines, OR a problem with verified links on the sites that were successfully registered and identified as compatible with GSA.
  • SvenSven
    @DanTheMan this is not really helping. You should post some logs to see whats happening. Also you can turn on the debug mode and see for yourself.
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