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Another Detection Question - With Custom Engines


Currently does GSA SER pull all images off the page and if it matches X dimensions it gets solved accordingly?

I'm wondering if this would work:

Adding the captcha url into the engine file:
 %captcha% *somecaptcha.php?*

Listing my custom engine in the "Alternative Names" field on CB.

Would this work without specifying the dimensions of the image as I've given it all the information it needs?


  • SvenSven
    SER analysis the image before that input field and after it. If it is looking like a captcha, it takes it. But yes, you can also use a mask of the captcha url to improve the detection.
  • Ok that seems to work a lot better.

    Will the dimensions check be limited to the engine listed in "alternative names"?

    Just trying to work out the order CB goes through these checks. Presumably:

    Engine Name > Alt Names > Dimensions
  • SvenSven
    you wrote SER not CB. CB sees the engine name (when used with SER), the dimension and the colour. With all that information it tires to detect the useable captcha type.
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