What is wrong with my proxy or GSA ser?

mtsmts United Kingdom
One day spend on gaming- harvesting proxy's. Decided to rent some, to save time and nerves :) I have 10 semi-dedicated proxies used about half an hour and it seems, they are blocked now by GSA ser. I was using defaut settings(100 threads and HTML timeout 30 sec). Using default options as submit to forum and guestbook(I still do not have my own list as I am just beginer). How ever I could not believe my proxies baned against search engines. All proxy list copied to scrapebox and let it run. And it works perfect. I can not understand: How it works. What is the optional settings to use for, lets say, 10 proxies- how many threads I can use and what HTML timeout should be?


  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
    Accepted Answer
    if you get banned on search engines you need to increase the time in "Custom time to wait between search queries" ... 90 sec. is recommended but can be higher.
  • mtsmts United Kingdom
    Ok, thank you for response @Sven, I will try to rise up Html timeout, but how about threads at a time? is 100 ok for 10 semi dedicated proxies?
  • edited April 2014 Accepted Answer
    10x proxy is ok - so 100 in this case
  • mtsmts United Kingdom
    thanks @Ferryman
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