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Advanced Options for Thread Count

edited April 2014 in Feature Requests
Currently SER uses a shared pool of threads which means that if you set it to 200 it will use them as needed for posting, verification, searching etc. This is a very useful way of setting it as SER uses resources as needed.

Yet there are some scenarios where a more granular approach would be great. For example if you have special proxies for posting and harvesting seperately it would be great to be able to limit the threads assigned to certain kinds of tasks based on the number of proxies you assign for each.

There could be an advanced button next to "threads to use" where you would be able to set the maximum number of threads used for search engines and submission (obviously no settings for pr, verification etc. as it could lead to serious bottlenecks). Or there could just be two thread counters for search engines and submissions on the options panel.

This setting would allow to have dedicated proxies for each kind of job and set them up with greater precision and thus increasing performance. You would be able, for example, to use reverse proxies with dedicated and still set their threadcount seperately based on the number of proxies (in case or public, semi/private) and threads (reverse) you purchased.
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