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Detection Data - Different Sizes


If a captcha is a different size every single time, how would CB manage the detection without conflicting with other captcha types. 

Is it possible to use a URL format for detection too? At the moment I'm getting a lot of conflicts across all the different captchas. IMO detection based on image dimensions just isn't enough.


  • SvenSven
    Its also using image type s(gif/png/jpg...), colours and some other things to detect the correct engine.
  • Even with that I'm still getting conflicts.

    I disabled all captcha engines apart from the target I wanted and got an extra 500 verified links. A lot of the captchas were being detected wrong and weren't being solved at all.

    Image dimensions work well, but when your running a lot of different targets, it's not specific enough. XR uses urls which works well:

    From default.mask.txt:

    [Include] [inLink]somecaptcha.php[/]
  • SvenSven

    unchecking the engines makes only sense if you also use the option to handle unchecked captchas as not being present.

  • An extra 500 verified links is a huge increase in output for a single platform considering how much most people are getting from each platform these days.

    @Sven, considering your Ninja programming skills, it should take much time for you to implement this feature for the next update. +1.
  • SvenSven
    see my previous post...I have nothing to add to this unless you deliver a sample URL that is not able to submit to with current script.
  • This was running "Advanced Guestbook". I am using a renamed engine file as I've changed some stuff (on page footprints), it doesn't seem to do this when using the standard engine. 

  • SvenSven
    add your name in alternative names in captcha definition.
  • Ok that helped.. Now I just have to edit the Captchas for 20 platforms...
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