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Very low LPM ...

edited April 2014 in Need Help
I have been using GSA for a week now and I have noticed that LPM is not reaching even 1 LPM
I am using 10 dedicated US proxies and one POP3 enabled hotmail email address ( tested successfully )  and edited threads to be only 50 instead of 100
The submitted no. of backlinks is between 600 - 800s
the no. of backlinks increases and then drop suddenly by a 100 or 200 backlinks while building backlinks again and so forth
the no. of verified backlinks does not reach 300 there is almost no increase in verified backlinks and A LOT of failed email verification
I am targeting (social network, articles, bookmarking and document sharing engines ) to promote my site which is basically a youtube video

For a message log review :

Any thoughts ??
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