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Regarding the way SER inserts links into the content

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As far as I can tell, currently SER tries to find words from the anchor text list in the article, that I'm submitting and then makes them links within the article. Which is a great way to do it. However, it seems to me that SER decides which particular word to make anchor text before actually taking a look at the current version of the article. So my article could have a lot of the anchor texts in it, but if it doesn't have the one, that SER wants to insert a link for, SER adds new content to my article, which looks quite unnatural.

So, first of all, am I correct about the way I think SER works?
If so, then isn't it better if SER just takes a look at the current version of an article and then decide which of the available anchor texts to actually make a link?



  • SvenSven
    It does that already. It takes one article and in that different spin versions, it tries to use one that includes the chosen anchor.
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    I believe that is a bit different from what I'm requesting.

    Let's say I have added 2 manually spun articles in SER. In them I try to cover different anchor texts. For example one might have "Dog food", "tasty dog food" and "food for dogs".

    The second one has only "Dog food", "tasty dog food" and "food for your dog", but it doesn't have the anchor text from the previous article - "food for dogs". And the first article doesn't have "food for your dog" either.

    In the anchor field i write {Dog food|tasty dog food|food for dogs|food for your dog}

    As you said, SER will first choose which of the two article's to use.
    Let say it uses the first one. If it then chooses to use "dog food" or "tasty dog food" or "food for dogs" out of the 4 anchor texts I have added - it works like a charm. 

    However, when it comes time for the forth one to be used "food for your dog" (which is not present in the first article) instead of skipping this anchor, SER places it a random place in the article, making it look really unnatural and not readable.

    My suggestion is that after SER selects which article to use, and then the anchor text - if the anchor text is not present at all in this article to skip it and choose another article, instead of posting it randomly. If it's not present in all articles, then SER can skip that particular anchor text all together.

  • SvenSven

    No that will all slow down things too much. Whats wrong in using %anchor_text% macro in the article. This will always use the right place to make a link and still make the article readable.

    If I first load all articles and choose what anchor matches best, it will waste a lot time for this and also memory.

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    Using %anchor text% is inferior because not all anchor texts can be used interchangeably within a sentence. (LSI, brand names and Generic anchor text, for example). 

     Using this macro would generate content like: 

    "It's hard to find a good {dog food|tasty dog food|some dog food|this dog food|click here|this website|Canine's Best} for your dog. Which leaves us with versions, such as "It's hard to find a good this website for your dog." where "this website" is my money link. 

    Obviously, I would have to remove "this website" from my possible anchor texts if I don't want spammy looking links. If I'm using the macro, the anchor text variety has to be severely limited if I don't want unnatural content flow. 

    What I suggested could be an optional feature, for those who do have more processing power and memory. Actually, I would prefer if it was optional, since I would only want to use it for my Tier 1 tasks.

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    So, would you consider just making it an optional feature? It also doesn't have to load all articles at once, It can load one article at a time until it finds one with the given anchor text.

    And if that sounds too much as well, I'm happy to just be able to set SER to skip a certain anchor text if it's not found in one of the articles (without loading the others). Again, as an optional feature.
  • SvenSven
    sorry right now I don't see that happening/being added soon. The way you want it to be handled takes way to many resources and is somehow special. Maybe I add it though but right now there are other things to be added first.
  • Okay, I appreciate that you are putting it in back of the the queue at least. Thanks!
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    I'd like to bump this topic because SER's behaviour seems to differ from what you said here, @Sven

    "It takes one article and in that different spin versions, it tries to use one that includes the chosen anchor."

    In all my projects, when I click the "Test" button, it seems that it doesn't work like that at all. It seems like it selects a random anchor text, and then generates **random** version of the article. Consequently, with "No link" selected as an option. only article versions, that HAPPEN to have the anchor text in question, will actually have a link.

    Is this correct, or is this a bug with the "Test" function?
  • SvenSven
    Hmm yes OK you are TEST / Preview it is not doing this. I might be able to add it but not everything can be added there.
  • OK, thanks for the fast response. My main concern was that the actual submissions were done the same way. But I take it there are done as you said previously.
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    Well, @Sven,  I'm sorry, but it seems that even in submissions, SER does not seem to pick the correct variation. 

    I have an article, which has a certain anchor text included in it. However, I see this same article posted, but a version without that particular anchor text. Consequently, SER chooses to add a whole new sentence in the end (although I have specified "No Link"). I can send you the project data and the actual "successful" submissions if you can't reproduce this bug yourself.
  • SvenSven
    @Ivaylo why do you use "no Link"? With that setting SER is not trying to find a anchor text before unspin. Just use anything else.
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    I'm using "No Link" because any other setting would produce content, that looks like unnatural. The whole idea of what I'm trying to do is to submit naturally looking content and not just spam.

    Any other option will produce content, which looks unnatural (at least according to the "Test" preview), or at the very least - it will make it obvious that this link is a deliberate result of linkbuilding efforts. I would like to avoid both of those scenarios, if possible. Or is that again, just a limitation of the "test" feature?

    Seeing that the "no link" option still inserts a link whereever possible, doesn't it make sense for it to try to find the anchor text in the article as well?
  • SvenSven

    hmm yes the "no link" setting will add a link if there is no link placed by you in the article already. Why? Because the program needs something to verify with. However why not using "Just a link at a random location" as option? It will just add a link with anchor and of course only if it does not find the anchor before.

    And if you are sure that the anchor is in one spined version, it will produce all natural looking articles.

  • Ok, thank you for the explanation. I appreciate the patience.
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    Unfortunately, the same thing happened just now as I have selected "Insert a sentence at the bottom of the page" beforehand. The anchor text is clearly present in the original version, however SER chooses to add a new sentence anyway.
  • SvenSven
    send the url where it happened and maybe the project backup.
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