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SER V8.17 use more cpu/memory usage ??

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@sven , well, thanks for the latest update but this is my cpu/memory usage now. only 29 active project and i use my own list . 
Almost 2GB memory usage. :( I can achieve 100 lPm with 300 thread before and memory usage below 800mb also i can run gscraper 500 thread in along with gsa ser..



  • SvenSven
    and previous version was running better for you? I can not see any changes that would produce this.
  • nope. same . both use more memory/cpu usage
  • SvenSven
    more than what?
  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    edited April 2014
    Everything is working fine for me.

  • Trevor_Bandura what vps are u using ? and how many thread ?
  • thats odd, im having the same issues. GSA SER just hangs, crashes or says out of memory. Im testing with just 1 single project. Ive done the test on 2 vps and its still the same.
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    I used to be able to run 500 threads with not much problem - but that was because I was scraping and posting at the same time. The scraping let the processor breathe a bit. Now that I am solely posting 300 is the upper limit - posting takes much more resources than searching I guess, so maybe you have a change in habits?
  • maybe has something to do with importing from Kontent machine. I think it stuffs too many keywords in there, will test and get back,
  • image

    GSA is not even running and its maxing out the memory. any ideas guys?
  • out of memory with just 1 project, 150 threads, 25 fresh private proxies and a good level VPS
  • SvenSven
    KM is indeed blowing the project size a lot, especially if you impport more than one KM files.
  • Ok my problem is fixed. I'm able to run till 500 thread with below 80% cpu usage. 

    Here is what i do

    1. Stop all running project
    2. Delete target URL cache
    3. Close GSA SER and all others related tools.
    4. Restart my vps. 
    5. Open gsa ser again after logon to vps, set thread 100 only. 
    6. Use max 30 project to be run in same time. 
    7. Import my own list . 
    8. Let it run for 7-10 minutes. After i see everything fine i push up thread to 200 > 250 > 300 > 350 > 400 > 450 > 500 and yes, no more freezing. :)

    I'm using solidseo ssd vps Double time
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