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Newly scraped links

Hi, So I have a problem.. I have scraped about 10 million links with gscraper, made 500k chunk .txt files (20 .txt files) out of it and imported those chunk .txt files into 20 projects.. I then ran those projects to see what will happen with indexing and surprisingly GSA SER only sent 50 out of 150 verified links to my indexing service.. Now I'm facing this problem only with THIS list.. Maybe because I didn't clean it up first? If I use my old AA list, it sents all of the links to my indexing service.. I can't figure out what could it be .. Can anyone help me out? Thanks


  • SvenSven
    Sorry this should not be any issue on the list you use.
  • @Sven I don't understand.. Is that normal with the list I'm using?
  • SvenSven
    no, I was about to say that the list you use has no influence on the indexing part.
  • PS - don't bother splitting them in chunks, just choose all projects at one time and then choose the giant file and import it into all projects. It will prompt you to split the list between the projects.
  • @Sven well what should I do then? It doesn't want to send links automatically, I have already contacted you about that..
    @Justin So it splits them? Wow, didnd't know that. Thanks! :D
  • SvenSven
    @Tilen sorry I don't know. Do you use any restrictions on the Indexer (only send dofollow links)?
  • @Sven No, I'm not.. and like I said, it's really weird that this problem is occurring only with this fresh list.. I guess I'm just gonna submit the verified links by myself and use the drip-feed function..
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