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Captcha Tronix

Just saw latest update history - Sven has added Captcha Tronix - anyone using this? How does it compare to other captcha services on this forum?


  • i'm also interested on getting captcha service
    captcha breaker can't do the job for articles engines
    any reviews ?
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    Get in the game where your gut tells you will get what you intented to get. Don't trust "business" because most hyped businesses are kind of "dupers" for newbies. One-man business tends to be better for you than group-business for SEO stuff. I never read NYtimes but individual reporters because you're being monetised by the "company".
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  • @Jesse please elaborate
    i don't see any relation between what you said and what the OP asked about
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    @Milan Jesse is a bot. :))

    On a related note, if someone could do a comparison test between Captcha Tronix, Reverse OCR and Spamvilla that would be really helpful.
  • I`ve used and using all of them and TBH spamvilla was the best one (not really big difference, but better), however it ha so much interruptions and ridiculous support, that I`ll never turn back to it. Reverse and CapthaTronix seems to be almost equal. Into the CT dashboard I can see solve time as 0,60, but it`s not a true - in fact is 1-2 sec as on Reverse. On another vps I`m using also captchaeater - it`s as well with very similar success rate and speed (for same captcha threads). With the pretty same results You may use also but it depends by the captchas ammount you submit daily - if under 500-600 you may use eve.
    BTW, I opened CT thread bcz there is something wrong with captcha counts @sven, not sure if that is coused by SER or CT end, but in my stats (both on ser and CT dashboard I can see 100 000 captchas solved last 12 hours (after direct integration), which couldn`t be true - before I used with CB integration with 2-3 000 captchas for such a time.
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    @Milan I don't understand what you said. I have influence and power to figure out what's all about... Anyway just refrain yourself from saying such because people could be friends out of a sudden unexpectedly overnight.

    Sorry for digression. but anyway... I want any company/individuals related to SER to succeed out of the internet, not from the people who bought SER. This is a huge digression and thanks for Captcha Tronix thread. Read @libero 's comment and decide whether you'd try it or not
  • @libero Thanks buddy.
  • If one reads Jesse's comments then he must be a very well written bot. I'd like to meet the programmer.
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    Anyone who's about to leave comment about Captcha Tronix, please create a new thread. Thanks!. My comments above was not my rambling or bot-talk but was a both polite and indirect lament on some kind of contextual "hitlist" list-sellers... meaning hitlist sites almost all die in a month. Now somehow I concluded later that they are the good ones here because GSA gets bigger, useful and more hierachical therefore more solid. I think this thread will go on and on since the thread title is good but please create a new thread about Captcha Tronix if you want to leave comment here and forget this thread. Thanks :)>-
  • What on earth is Jesse talking about...haha
  • Is there anybody who use this service? What is the current success rate?
  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    I just started using it today and so fat only 15% solve rate. Reverse OCR was at 26%. Even CB is down to only 55% solve rate after I reset my stats so not sure whats going on today.

    Going to give this another 24 hours and I guess ask for a refund and not use them.
  • Hi @Trevor_Bandura, how did you determine the solve rate? And are you seeing normal recaptchas (new font) or blob recaptchas? I've subscribed to both CaptchaTronix and ReverseOCR, and have a difficult time choosing between them. Solve rate "seems" similar, and I like CaptchaTronix more coz support is faster, easy to upgrade or downgrade, and less downtime...
  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    I have it setup in CB so it shows me the % there.
  • how many threads are you running @trevor_bandura? i just started to run captcha tronix 15 minutes ago and i am on 30% success
  • Thanks @Trevor_Bandura. I see, that means ReverseOCR returns more answers than CaptchaTronix. But that doesn't mean the answers are correct until SER submits them. I used to setup external services in CB, but it really slows down SER. Now I skip recaptchas in CB, and setup external services in SER, and SER flies...
  • I use reverse proxys orc I can see what it actually solves, captcha tronix says it solved x amount but we know that is only identified, plus reverse proxys orc solves 500 captcha types so if my cb fails reverse proxys orc gives it a go.

  • @jesses developer CALL ME
  • Ive been using captchatronix for 2 days...Damn! i got like 92% success for recaptcha...totally boost up my verified links...
  • @elaine nice bump there... was it really necessary :)
  • @mynameis940 U got a problem with me highlighting my enjoyment bozo?
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    These are the kind of ppl who pisses me off. What the heck ppl like u shouldnt even exist! Instead should be exiled! Whats wrong with my post.. i know the last post was like 6months ago but SO FREAKING WHAT, at least what im saying is relevant to the TOPIC, and not spammed ... seriously gtfo
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