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GSA Won't Post to any URLs - what went wrong?

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I'm having some strange problem and I'm not sure how to handle/fix it.

1) Old Projects won't find any new target URLs to post to.
2) If i give a project a verified site list like the 1 bought from Ron's sale page it still won't post to those URL's.
3) I tried a new project - checked all platforms - checked all US Search Engines - added a few random Keywords too and I still can't get it to find any URLs to submit too.

I uninstaleld and reinstalled he latest version of SER + I also downgraded to 7.98 just to see if anything was missing.

Right now SER basically doesn't seem to post at all for me and I don't know what to look at now to fix it - so help would be appreciated!


  • SvenSven
    post some log lines please.
  • SvenSven
    seems to be a proxy issue or a block by firewall. If you e.g. open "" you see a form and not as in log "no form at all". Download somehow must fail.
  • tvxtvx
    edited April 2014

    I thought it may be a proxy issue but I just had them switched over last night and checked them on SB for a double check.  (just rechecked them again)

    Only have 10 - 6/10 successful on SER. 10/10 on SB so I think the proxies are good.

    Not sure what I should do about the firewall - the addon firewall settings when you first install ser are enabled. Should I disable my firewall completely?

    And just ran a quick run again and these are the log lines...seems like its all proxy issues?

  • SvenSven


    and next time please use pastebin!

  • @sven

    Yes to they're all proxy issues - get new proxies?


    Yes to shut down firewall?
  • Was a firewall issue. Shut it down and it seems to be working again. Thanks for the help!
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