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How to enter private squidproxies

I just bought and installed GSA Email Spider and need to input the 10 proxies I just bought from Squidproxies.  Do I need to enter the username:password for each or will they just run as the IP addresses they provided?

Also, how many consecutive sessions should I run using 10 proxies?


  • SvenSven
    I don't know what provider. If they gave you a login/pw, it is better to add the proxies in that format.
  • Thank you, Sven.
  • When I import the set of 10 private proxies I just bought from Squidproxies into GSA Email Spider using the protocol IP:port:username:password all fail.  What to do next???

  • SvenSven
    how do you test them?
  • Thank you.  After verifying against my IP I load them into the GSA Email Spider proxy manager and test.  All tests fail.
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