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What is your verification success rate?

I have one project that i have all engines selected except Document Sharing, Exploit, Indexer, Pingback, Referrer, RSS - and i am getting less than 100 verified links a day.
I have another project that submits only to article engines and for it if i am lucky i get  no more than 10-15 verified links a day.

Both projects run non stop without any filters. I am using only search engines to find targets. I have 10 semi dedicated proxies from, 40 threads, and 120 seconds between search engines queries.

One of my guess for the low verification rate is that queries like these:

"Total Authors" "Submit Articles" "Total Articles" "Total Downloads"
"The wiki, blog, calendar, and mailing list"
"Copyright * vBulletin Solutions" "Create Blog"
"Main Menu" "Powered by ArticleMS" "Submit Article" "Latest Articles"

that don't use keyword that is added to the footprint are becoming more useless because every GSA SER user is using the same footprints and scraping the same target sites and submitting to the same sites.

What is your verification success rate lately, for those that are using only search engines to find new targets?
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