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GSA & SB problems

 I am having both on the same 4GB VPS and when GSA verifies links, the scraper from SB is very slow until it stops. 
 I am having 200 semi-dedicated proxies on both, servers with tested 700 mb download and 850 mb upload rated. 

 When I am scraping just from Yahoo and Bing, SB runs fine 40-50URL/s

 Is there a solution? Anyone facing this problem?


  • edited April 2014
    check your proxies inside SB for anonymous / google pass ... i bet alot of yours seem not to pass google ..
    i just grab a big list of proxies let it check within SB and voila scraping ~ 10 000 000 urls with one instance ,)

    it all depends on your footprints and stuff for sure too

  •  Of course I do check them, I filter them and keep just the Google & Anonymus...After the scraping goes speed goes down and finally it finishes, I re-check them before starting a new session, just 2-3 are having error 404 or other similar timeout error :)

     Very weird.
  • hmm strange i only had this behaviour with bad proxies or too less / bad footprints
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