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GSA SER VPS Monthly Bandwidth

Guys, i'm looking to buy a vps or dedi to run ser on and i don't know how much bandwidth per month is required to run it. I plan on building around 20-50k links per day. Would 5TB be enough or should i go for the 20TB package? Or even more?


  • SvenSven
    sorry depends on many things, not just the links you build but also the engines you want to use. I can not give any recommendation really.
  • Sven, i'm looking to use all engines except VIDEO and PDF sites. I have some verified lists so i'm looking to build around 20-50k links per day
  • molchomolcho Germany
    5 TB is not enough, make a test with the 20 TB and show how many you need, and then upgrade or not.

    But i think when you only have run SER, then are 20TB for the most users enough.
  • Thanks man!
  • There are hosts which provide servers  with unlimited bandwidth,right ?
  • ronron

    Some do and some don't. That's why you have to shop it out. A lot of people don't pay attention to this because they don't really know what SER uses, so you are ahead of the curve by asking.

    One rule I use (very loose rule lol) is that 100 projects = 10 TB. So take it from there based on your setup. I'm probably a little heavy on the actual TB usage per project, but that will protect you when you are planning this thing out.

  • Thanks Ron, that's something that would help me calculate the Bandwidth i need. I don't run 100 projects, 50 max at the moment, so i guess 5TB will be ok for start.
  • ronron
    You should be good with that. When you shop these things out, some of the sellers have a cap on the bandwidth, and then charge way, way too much for extra TB's - so be careful with that.
  • yea, that's what i noticed, that's why i was asking about BW - got some nice dedis with 5TB bandwidth but if i want more it's like $10 per extra TB or $50 for 10TB.
    but anyway, 5tb should be ok for start and if everything works well i'll move to another dedi provider.

    by the way, could you recommend any dedicated server provider to use with ser?
  • ronron
    I'm hesitant to recommend anyone because I have switched around a lot. But the dedi approach does make a huge difference with links. I am very partial to Xeon processors (hint).  :D
  • i'm looking for xeon as well, and yes, i have the same problem, switched a lot of providers (some cheap, some more expensive), even tried vps but it's not a good solution
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