'.articles' file format - ID clarification

Hi @Sven,

Some question about the '.articles' format. e.g.:
{title1} %first_paragraph-article% {articlebody} D9A2EA4D

I'm trying to create something, and I just saw this ID(for the above, it's the D9xxxx). Can I just create a plain '.articles' file and put the articles without specifying the ID? I tried it, then when I opened and closed the target project with the '.articles' file that I created, SER just auto-appended these IDs. If I just create the '.articles' files(without the IDs), then let ser run, will anything go wrong? 

Point is,

I'm working on something that will automatically create '.articles' files, but I can't supply the IDs



  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
    Accepted Answer
    The ID is nothing but a hash of the article. You can as well make it a random number in HEX format. It's use dto identify what article has been posted where.
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