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[ADVICE NEEDED] from people using Gscraper on Solidseovps

grax1grax1 Professional SEO, UK | White Label SEO Provider
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Hi guys, I want to buy scraping software, I think I will grab gscraper since I've read a lot from different people that it's faster than scrapebox (but maybe I will also purchase scrapebox as well for a lot of useful features it has), I contacted solidseovps and asked if I can run Gscraper on their VPS - I already have wizard package and run SER on it. They told me there is some problem with gscraper proxies and their vps so I would need to run gscraper with VPN, they recommended hidemyass. I heard that gscraper proxy service works really well and it's worth using it. But I can't use it on solidseovps, so now question to people running gscraper on solidseovps with vpn - what's the performance of the scraper ? Is it ok, or is it better to get another vps ? And if you run SER and gscraper on the same vps, does it work well ? I don't know if my wizard package will be ok for it.

I want to get into scraping but I'd like to save money where it's possible. So if really the best way would be to buy another vps then I will go for it, but I'd like to try cheaper solution when possible.


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    grax1 we never ban you to use Gscraper we have several clients in this forum even using it on our servers and we never shut them down, the problem that Gscraper proxies leaks ending with abuse claim, thats why we recommend either you run it with a vpn or use alternative proxies instead of their own

    Some people do that and have zero issue with us, some people decided to ignore it and these are the type of people who we shutdown after several attempts to contact them to fix it and they are careless.
  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    I have GScraper and it's scraping at 150-200k per minute but I don't use the GScraper proxies simple because those proxies do leak your real ip. I have never had a problem with my SolidSEOVps server.

    I would look for a good proxy provider in the BHW forum.
  • @Trevor_Bandura which proxy provider are you using?
  • @Trevor_Bandura

    Yes seems to be good proxy provider you have for gscraper. Would you like to share?
  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    I'll tell you guys straight up, I get them from a provider on BHW. However, if you have a low post count there, he will not sell his service to you. So if you have a membership in BHW, with pretty good posts, then message me and i'll send you his thread.
  • trever gets gets his proxys from me - i am proxygo bhw just google me
    i have provided gscraper and s/box lists on bhw since 2009 over 800 + users
    and 0 refunds.....

    just google scrapebox proxies proxygo
    or gscraper proxies proxygo
    and u will find me - proxygo blackhatworld 7 yr member
    and also bhw highest member poster...

    and the job i do is simple i provide port scanned lists of proxies that
    obliterate anything else for scraping purposes . 0 refunds speaks for it

    gscraper proxies
    scrapebox proxies

    regards proxygo blackhatworld.
  • Trevor_Bandura Thank you for support about the Gscraper part, For all false alerts who is saying that they have issue with Gscraper and our servers, I think you need to see this review aside from what Trevor already said

    This client in this review is running Gscraper on 1500 Threads on our server, was able to get 2.9GB list of over 1 million links in less than 10 min.. So i think this should be enough said for you
  • well my good friend trevor uses my port scanned proxies
    1 fee lifetime use of gscraper .. and gets 1million urls in the same time
    with 0 monthly server fees...hes scrapes aprox 150-200k per minute
    with me... but the product only cost him 1 fee last year....
    no reocuring fees
  • ronron

    @proxygo - So by coming to this forum where we are already established members (especially me), do we still need to have a high post count on BHW to use your service?

    I know I don't have the post counts on BHW, so I guess that excludes all of us who spend most of our time here on this forum?

    I guess I am not sure why you are would be nice to understand how this would work?

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    im here only because i saw trevors post
    and validating what he says
    as anyone can type something but its harder to prove it
    no harm intended. no disrespect meant
  • ronron
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    @proxygo - I know - you got sucked into it, just like Trevor got sucked into telling people where he got it from, lol.

    But it would be good mannered of you to consider selling it here. Especially if you are going to talk about it here.

    This is a funny scene: You have a great service over there, and you are talking about it here. In order to get your service over there, I have to be established over there. But since I am established here, and not over there that much, it doesn't help me a lot - as I am here.

    I'm a good natured person, and I say this all with a smile on my face. But it would be nice if you offered it over here (or at least allow established members here to buy it over there). Lol. 

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    see, 99% of my gscraper subs wich is my smaller base around 100
    are 99.9% single users scraping urls ranking sites ect.
    i have 1 guy in my gscraper service who runs a sales thread on bhw
    and here, trevor.  now trevor has purchased 6 of my proxy products over
    the last year to the tune of about 350GBP. + last month he bought me a ps4 350GBP
    in exchange for xtra lists outside my normal service. [ nice deal trev ]
    and as u2 both do the same thing on the same site might create problem

    and i dont wanna create tension

  • ronron
    I got it. Not a problem. Then you should be back over there talking about it, not here, lol.
  • you are indeed correct so i will take me leave
  • soIOsoIO United States
    So what I'm hearing is:

    You CAN run GSCRAPER on SolidSEOVPS servers as long as you use a 3rd party proxy service. There are no problems with this.

    However, if you run GSCRAPER with the vendors premium GSCRAPER PROXY service, then there are problems. The GSCRAPER Proxy service leaks the REAL IP of the source computer (aka SOLIDSEOVPS computer). If you spam hard enough you'll eventually get abuse / complains who will send it to SOLIDSEOVPS. SolidSEO will ask you to stop using the GSCRAPER PROXY service as it violates their TOS and advise you to use GSCAPER + GSCRAPER PROXIES on a VPN or other server. Most likely they will ask you to stop using GSCRAPER PROXIES and use 3rd party ones.

    In short, GSCRAPER + GSCRAPER PREMIUM PROXIES are not "compatible" as there will be eventual abuse complains sent to SolidSEOVPS, and they have to comply and ask you nicely to stop.

    Is this correct?

    PS Im just some random who really wants to use GSCRAPER + GSCRAPER PREMIUM PROXIES + SOLIDSEOVPS 


    Sounds like this combiation doesnt play nice (due to leaked ip's and abuse complains)
  • Sorry, I've to ask... who are you spamming, and who is complaning?

    If you're using GScraper to scrape google's result, does that mean google is complaining to your ISP or VPS?
  • soIOsoIO United States
    I'm using GSCRAPER to scrape... to feed into GSA... then... to post low quality spintax to the world wide web... which could be constituted as spam. Presumably I'll enter a spam honeypot who will then make a complaint to SolidVPS. 

    I'm guessing.

    All I have to work with is what SolidSEO has to say in this thread:

    the problem that Gscraper proxies leaks ending with abuse claim, thats why we recommend either you run it with a vpn or use alternative proxies instead of their own

    Some people do that and have zero issue with us, some people decided to ignore it and these are the type of people who we shutdown after several attempts to contact them to fix it and they are careless.

  • Hi @soIO, if you really want to use GSCRAPER + GSCRAPER PREMIUM PROXIES + SOLIDSEOVPS, then only use GScraper to scrape google but not post any links. If you scrape too hard, google will temporary ban your IPs, but I don't think google will make a complaint to solidseovps. Can @solidseovps confirm that? Does google complain?

    Then use buyproxies in your GSA SER to post these low quality spintax links. With buyproxies you shouldn't get spam complains (from site owners).

    I don't own GScraper, but do use Scrapebox to scrape google results. I was worried when @grax1 and @solidseovps said one would get spam complains when scraping for google results...
  • soIOsoIO United States
    Yeah im super confused as well. Neither the question by grax1 nor the answer by SolidSEOVPS is super clear.

    solidseovps can you please explain what grax1 ment when he said:
    "They told me there is some problem with gscraper proxies and their vps so I would need to run gscraper with VPN, they recommended hidemyass."

    What is this problem?

    I want to use Gscraper *only* to scrape and bulk check PR's of URLS. This is where their premium service will come in. No posting will occur with GScraper application.

    When I finish scraping, i'll clean in GScraper (PR's, Dupe's, etc) and export / import my lists into either GSA SER or Scrapebox / I'll be using 3rd party buyproxies proxies to do submissions. 

    So based on this usecase.... is this OK?

    From what @Olve1954 has said... there shouldnt be any problems. I'll be burining my buyproxies proxies if anything. (buyproxies should be burnt at all actually as they just submit)

    Can anyone explain what this "leaking" is with GScraper?

    *that said I've just forked out $$$ for the wizard and GScraper + its premium proxies are doing awesome! 600 threads @ 83816 urls per minute! (take into account default footprints + 1 word keywords) 
  • soIO as you know Gscraper need proxies to scrape, if you are using thier pro version, their proxies do leak and will end up with an abuse claim, if you wish to run it, you can either run with your own proxies or yo can run it over a vpn

  • soIOsoIO United States
    @solidseovps - could you guys document a VPN solution for SolidSEO VPS. This would be very helpful.

    I would like to stay with SolidSEOVPS if possible but I need a GSCRAPER + PRO solution.
  • soIOsoIO United States
    @proxygo can you confirm that you have people using your list and that they work fine with GSCRAPER + SolidSEOVPS and result in no abuse claims?
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    I moved my Gscraper installs to Hostamus and they run fine with GScraper's proxy service. With their proxies you never have to touch anything or change them, no messing with importing new proxy lists. I can literally let Gscraper run for a week removing dupe domains at scraping and end up with millions of unique domains.
  • Thanks @Brandon for your generous and helpful info...

    @soIO, GScraper + VPN (HideMyAss! Pro VPN) should work but you'll never be able to achieve 83816 urls per min. I've a HMA Pro VPN account, and at only 4 threads (scrapebox) and changing IP every 1.5 mins, I'm already getting Violation of Service warnings from HMA. And they are asking me to change IPs every 2.5 mins.

    Plus, if you install the HMA Pro VPN client software on your VPS, I don't recommend you to run GSA SER on the same VPS, coz all internet traffic will be redirected to HMA, and changing every x mins. During the IP change you won't have internet connection for 5 - 15 secs. You won't want that while submitting links with SER...
  • @olve1954, the point of using a vpn on solidseovps' vps is to be able to use the proxy service sold by gscraper. Surely you're getting next to no urls by using HMA.
  • Yes, you're right @fakenickahl, you won't get many urls using HMA VPN.

    But, @grax1 said solidseovps recommended hidemyass,

    > They told me there is some problem with gscraper proxies and their vps so I would need to run gscraper with VPN, they recommended hidemyass.

    All I'm saying is HMA VPN is not the way to go, and not a good recommendation.

    I still don't believe google will file an abuse claim for scraping their search results. I thought they just temporary ban IPs. I maybe wrong though, and I've yet to see definite proof...
  • soIOsoIO United States
    A bit confusing as the point of running GScraper is fast scraping speed. If you are running GScraper behind a VPN as @Olve1954 says, speed should be reduced drastically. I'm hoping that Olve is right in that "just scraping" should be fine but @solidseovps says even that is no good.
  • Yes, running SER + Gscraper behind a VPN will definitely slow things down. Plus there maybe connection problems with the VPN. There were times when I wake to find out that the VPN software has crashed and there was no internet connection for hours.

    solO, I'm not sure if I'm right, it's just that I've not seen proof, and it makes no sense that google will take the trouble to file an abuse claim, when they can easily just ban the IPs...

    I've ask solidseovps about similar proxy related question, and they never seem to give me a definite answer.

    The only way to find out, is to continue with what you're doing (83816 urls per min is damn good) until you get a warning or use Hostamus, as suggested by Brandon...

  • @Olve1954‌ I am not sure you got my point entirely yet. You should not use the hma vpn for scraping, but rather as another layer between your proxies and your vps.

    I also agree that it is very unlikely Google would bother sending complaints, but the issue is probably getting solidseovps' ips banned by google search. I am scraping 55k urls a minute for 175 hours straight now with a good source of proxies, and I am still able to search google with my dedis IP. So you might be good without a vpn on your vps if you get a high quality source of proxies.
  • soIOsoIO United States
    fakenickahl  you are using GSCraper + SolidSEOVPS? Could you please tell me who your proxie provider is at at what price point? A big hassel moving from one VPS to another. Much appreciated
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