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Just purchased GSA Captcha Breaker & Wont install?

As title says, I've just purchased GSA Captcha breaker but it won't install :(

I keep getting the following error message : The setup files are corrupted. Please obtain a new copy of the program.

I've tried downloading and installing again but i get the same message :-/


  • SvenSven
    disable your firewall / anti virus program. Seems as they seem to think it's a virus.
  • I've turned off windows firewall & anti virus!!

    and guess what! it's still not working!

  • goonergooner
    edited April 2014
    @sven - I tried to update CB today and got the same error message.
    Windows Firewall has always been disabled on my server and no anti virus has ever been installed. Nothing has been changed on Windows/system configuration, no updates or anything like that.
    Any other ideas please?
  • Please help sven, I've just spent £100 on this software, I really need to get my campaign started :(
  • SvenSven

    Well each version has a different executable (naturally). So bad coded anti virus programs might fail on a new version thinking it's a virus. And it's getting worse all the time as most rely on simple signatures that can be in a virus or part of a harmless program like ours.

    Seriously, disable the anti virus/firewall and try downloadign again.

  • goonergooner
    @sven, seriously i have no firewall/anti virus. But i tried again and this time it worked without a problem.
    I don't know what happened but thanks anyway :)

    @lisaser - Try it again now, it just worked for me so hopefully it will for you too.
  • Yeah, I had anti-virus & firewall off.. i downloaded again and it woked :)

    ditto, don't know what happened, very confusing but works now, yayy!
  • I tried to update the file today and the same thing happened for me.

    I removed the program, stopped my anti-virus (norton 360) both on the firewall and the anti-virus auto detect and it still comes up with this same error.

    I have tried rebooting and it didn't help. I am running windows 7.

    I would like to get captcha breaker working asap. Please help?
  • I got an error updating to 3.61, could you help me

  • SvenSven
    fixed in 3.62, sorry
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