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Premium verified list problem

Hey, So basically I've scraped a lot of target URLs ~2 weeks ago, I let GSA run through all of them, identify and post there. After letting GSA post to these URLs twice I had 300k verified URLs. I re-checked them and 180k were still alive. I then removed all no-follow links. I made a fresh verified list and imported the 120k HQ URLs into that list. You would expect this to be running very very good, but I get 30lpm with this list. I used to get 85 lpm when I was letting GSA scrape. Is there anything I forgot? Kind Regards, David


  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    85LPM when scraping is pretty ridiculous. I get about 20 LPM when scraping with 400 semi-dedicated proxies and 1000 threads. I'm letting SER scrape all platforms except blog comments and indexer so maybe you're scraping a lot of blog comments. If your 85 LPM has low verified, it's probably almost all blog comments.
  • Mhm, that might be it. I'm still wondering why I get 85lpm with identified list and just 30lpm with the verified list..
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