Filtering verified lists in gsa

When having more projects I faced some trouble of how to filter verified urls from various tiers and projects on domain level - or at least by a keyword. Let's say we have created urls to link on subdomains, after a time, we have decided to remove all those created verified urls from that whole domain - how can we do that?


  • Any ideas on that?
  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    might add something here on future updates.
  • Any updates on that issue?
  • SvenSven

    1. right click on project->show verified urls->right click->select->*

    2. right click->Turn Project Active and Remove selected Links

  • Yes - but it works only for a single project?

    I meant it to be working like those lately added (remove duplicates and join from files) as a global solution for a selected folder. I can name at least 3 common situations where such a remove can be handy:
    1. In a verified folder we have urls from an expired domain we do not want to link anymore.
    2. In an identified folder we have domains that are not safe to link to - as sending stopspamforum requests. It turned out after a while and we want to remove it from all files. Adding in the filter option for posting results in more time consuming posting.
    3. It can be a great way to just filter files based on a multiple keywords/domains - better that can be done by scrapebox - as it only works with lists not bigger than 1 million results.
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