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Setting for churn and burn

Hello , what settings are you using when you need to build as many links is possible in the shortest time is possible using ONLY the GLOBAL SITES LIST? Considering I ve enough links there .. can't understand what setting should I use to build as many is possible without wasting time in verification process.. I noticed that SER spend lot of time to verify mails.. anyone can help me ?

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    1) Run another project while SER is verifying e-mails or make sure your projects doesn't do it at the same time.

    2) That's up to you to test out, but I'll give you an idea of what I'm doing, I'm usually being pretty aggressive with my money keywords.

    3) You'll know from experience, but just start out building links until you rank.
    edited April 2014 Accepted Answer
    I generally set SER to verify links every 12 hours or so. Also, the fastest way to build links to a single URL is to split one project into 10+ projects. From there just let SER split your URL list among those projects to avoid too many dupes. (I don't use the global list. I directly import a text file of URLs and let SER split it.)


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