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Guys i have just purchased a VPS to set up my ser on it.

Specs on the vps: 4 cores (3.2ghz each) 2gb ram (but it seems that it's 1gb dedicated - 2gb burst)

Ser is running very slow, at about 15 lpm (with verified lists). On my desktop computer it was running at about 100lpm with the same projects and same lists.
And also i have set it to 200 threads but it never reaches it, it runs at 50-80 threads (and i have 12 projects open).

What's the problem with this? Is it the vps or am i doing something wrong?


  • when you don't reach the set number of threads it is a problem with the projects. this in turn results in a lower lpm - maybe try adding new projects? Really hard to say without more information.
  • The thing is, the version on the vps has exactly the same projects as the one i have on my desktop. I did a full backup of the projects and then restored it on the vps...
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