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Using global site list use more memory/cpu ?

i'm using my own global site list. my memory usage and cpu usage increase a lot. for same setting 300 Thread for ACTIVE my memory usage is around 400-600mb now using global site list the memory usage is 1-1.20Gb . is that normal ??


  • SvenSven
    how many projects?
  • around 30-40
  • SvenSven
    Trying to optimize it...please report back on next version. 
  • @Sven . what do you mean optimize ? i think it back to normal now after i restarted ser
  • SvenSven
    with optimize I mean "I will optimize the code".
  • Good point Lemonzer.

    Before to buy and use global lists, i read many messages here telling that  using Ser also for scraping it use lot of memory, but when I changed it and I use only global lists, the use of memory is not changed at all, actually it's increased...
  • i hope @Sven can fix this in short time. 

    Now i'm using my own list. Not global site list. imported it and choose active. no search engine ticked as it will not scraping now just use my list but seems like it use a lot of my cpu/memory source . Just 200 thread for 29 main project ( tier is stopped ) it use almost 100% cpu usage and 900-1.1k memory usage. 

    Well it just use like 400-600 memory usage and less than 80% of cpu usage for running without list ( use search engine ) for 29 project and 3 tier each . all acitve.
  • SvenSven
    so basically 90 running projects...that sounds a bit too much.
  • @Sven nope. active project is 29 . And eat too much cpu/memory usage
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